Gait and Movement Re-education

As physiotherapists we pride ourselves in being experts in identifying abnormal movement patterns. Diagnosis of abnormal movement patterns requires a careful medical history and a thorough physical examination.

It may seem simple and effortless, but normal movement requires an astonishingly complex system of control. A patient may develop an abnormal movement pattern due to a disruption of this system, if muscles are too weak or short, or simply because they are avoiding pain and have therefore changed their movement accordingly.

At Warwick Physio & Rehab we not only listen carefully to what you may feel your main problems are, we also perform a thorough assessment that will enable us to look closely at any altered movement patterns that may have developed. This thorough assessment enables us to have a greater understanding as to the nature of the problem, thereby allowing us to design a bespoke treatment package. We aim to correct movement patterns through education, exercises for strengthening and stretching, soft tissue techniques, manual therapy and pain control through the use of acupuncture.