Education and Advice

Education is a vital part of physiotherapy treatment.  Physiotherapists believe that empowering a patient through education enables them to take responsibility for their symptoms and condition(s).  We aim to achieve this by educating the patient in the nature and source of their symptoms.  We will talk through the anatomy and physiology, and discuss the reasons behind symptom behaviour patterns.  We will also discuss other external factors that can contribute to symptoms.  Research has shown that when a patient has a better understanding of their symptoms and condition they have the knowledge to reason through chosen treatment and self management techniques.

At Warwick Physio & Rehab we pride ourselves in educating patients in a friendly and jargon free manner.  Not only are we experts in communication, but we also have sound listening skills.  We are keen to ensure that a patient leaves our practice feeling confident and reassured that their questions have been listened to and answered, and that they fully understand their symptoms and condition.

In addition to talking to the patient, we have also produced various leaflets that patients can take home and read through at their leisure.  We can also provide bespoke exercise programs that can be printed or emailed to the patient.